Finding out where a website is hosted is a bit technical process. Here is complete guide to find where a website is hosted.

Why do you need to find where a website is hosted?

Well, if you want to compete with your competitors, you surely need a better hosting company. As we all know better hosting means better website loading speed and better security for your website against spam, bots and virus attacks.

Also it can save you money and time. Rather than trying and testing different hosting companies, you can simply research where your competitors or your idle website’s hosts. This will save you time and will help deciding for your hosting company.

How to find out where a website is hosted?

There are many ways to find, where a website is being hosted and here are the different ways.


One of the simple way to find hosting website is by opening this url –

e.g:, you can open this url to get the domain information of

find domain hosting

As you can see there is some info about the Name Servers which tells you where a domain is hosted. So now you can see domain is hosted on Bluehost.


Nowadays, websites use third party DNS services for web caching and better DNS speed, because of which website’s use proxy nameservers like this

So now you can use this advance tool to dig deep and find where a website is hosted. Once you open this tool make sure to select DNS Lookup

As you can see i am using as an example, below are the results you will find mentioning the hosting company as well.

Recommended Hosting Companies

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