How fast does my website load and how can i increase page speed? Here are some ways to know website loading speed and proven tips to improve it.

It is known fact that Faster website speed means better custom acquisition and hence increase in revenue. Studies have shown that people will abandon your website if takes more than 3 secs to load.

How to check website loading speed?

We are listing 3 ways to check how fast your website load, how to analyze those reports and some tips to improve your website loading.

#1) Pingdom Tools

Go check your website loading speed here at pingdom. Simply put your url and start the test.

#2) GT Metrix

You can test your site here. Simply put your url and hit analyze button.

#3) Google Speed Insights Test

Click here to access this tool. Enter your page url and analyze.

You can use following benchmarks to compare your websites loading speed

  • Below 1 second = perfect
  • 1-3 seconds = above average
  • 3-7 seconds = average
  • 7+ seconds = very poor

In a nutshell, having a slow website will negatively impact the following:

  • Traffic and page views
  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Brand image and perception in the mind of your visitors

So is your website performing slow? Dont worry we got u covered.

12 Proven tips to increase website speed

  1. Enable Cache
  2. Optimize Images
  3. Remove Unwanted plugins
  4. Finding Faster Hosting Provider
  5. Minify Javascript and CSS Files
  6. Remove inline css and js
  7. Use Image Sprites
  8. Use CDN
  9. Evaluate your theme
  10. Clean up your database
  11. Don’t use @import
  12. Placement of CSS and JS Files


It is important that u get your website loading speed optimized, if your serious about your business. Studies have shown decrease in page load time and can increase your revenue by 2-5% easily, so do it as an investment in your business.

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