When you are reading through a newspaper or surfing the internet, what’s the one thing about an article that catches your eye first.

No points for guessing- it’s the headline.

In any type of journalism, be it print or otherwise, the headline serves an important function- it draws the attention of the reader to the article.

Suppose you come across some content that does not have a headline.  Will you be interested in going through it at all. Of course not, because you wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to what it is about. The headline of the article serves the necessary purpose of letting the reader or viewer know the main subject of the content. It is after reading the headline that the reader decides whether or not they want to go through the article at all.

So, what do we learn from this?

Having a catchy headline is the easiest way to draw attention to your content. If you don’t have a good headline, you will not gain viewership, no matter how well-researched or well-made your content is.

Taking a look at it from the opposite spectrum, can you imagine the impact that a few well-chosen words can have on your entire career? The more interesting headlines you put out, the more your content gets read, and the more money you make.

Now that we’ve established the importance of the headline, you might feel a little intimidated by it. Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 44 fill in the blank type headlines that can bring you guaranteed success every time:

The 44 best fill in the blank headlines for your content

Note: while these are copy and paste headlines, you don’t have to follow every word of it. You can always change a word here or tweak a phrase there to customize it for your content. After all, we are all aiming towards being the original creators.

The Question Type Headline

These headlines are the best if you want to rouse someone’s curiosity about something.

#1) Did you know ()?

This is the best headline for when you have a direct question that needs a direct answer.

  • Did you know the trick to boost your visibility on the internet?

#2) Did you know that () is ()?

With this headline, you’re basically testing your reader’s knowledge about the subject in question.

  • Did you know the water you are drinking could be threatening your life?

#3) Are you making these () mistakes?

This is a great way to alert the readers about the possible mistakes they may be making, and then letting them know about the solutions.

  • Are you still making these 5 common mistakes while driving?

#4) Did/Does your () do something that they shouldn’t/shouldn’t have?

Again, the perfect example of letting a reader know about a certain problem and then giving them the reasons why the problem may be happening.

  • Does your dog eat your new slippers?

#5) Who else needs ()?

We all need some tips every now and then, and this is a great way to introduce the tricks you have in store.

  • Who else needs these top 4 tips on making the best omelette in the world?

The How-To Headline

Everyone needs a little help every now and then, and the how-to headlines draw the attention of people traversing the internet, looking for a solution to their immediate dilemma:

#6) How to ()?

Simple introductions to simple processes. Beautiful.

  • How to make paper planes

#7) How to () and ()

Usually, in these headlines, the subject of the sentence is reserved for some abstract emotion, like in the first case. The second example demonstrates how the headline can also be used to showcase something that is not directly related to the object of the sentence.

  • How to make the best Sunday roast and blow your friends away
  • How to drive your car like a boss and not spill any coffee on the carpet.

#8) How to () like ()

If you want to let people know how to do things like [insert famous person] this should be your pick.

  • How to take selfies like Kim Kardashian

#9) How to () the ()

Again, the perfect example of a how-to list on doing something great.

  • How to arrange the best surprise party for your boyfriend/girlfriend

#10) How to () without ()

Let people know how they can do something without having to do or leave something else.

  • How to learn Spanish without taking lessons.

#11) The Ultimate Guide to ()

This is another variation on the how-to headline which gives readers a step by step throw down on how they can achieve perfection in a sphere.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Like a Professional

The Secret type Headline

Though what you may have to say maybe the world’s worst keep secret, people will believe you if you tell them that you have access to that one secret that they need to get what they want

#12) The one secret to ()

The one and the only secret that doing something amazing? Of course, we want that info.

  • The one secret to flawless skin

#13) “X” Secrets that () don’t want you to know

Trade secrets are the most well-kept ones, and letting people know that you have access to these secrets is sure to drive them wild.

  • 5 secrets about hair colour that stylists don’t want you to know.

#14) These little known facts about () that will (emotion) you

We certainly don’t know everything about everything, and we’re all in for a nice little dose of information that can move us.

  • These little known facts about plastic bags that will shock you

#15) X obscure facts about ()

Letting people know about the most remote things about a certain nice is the best way to keep them hooked to your blog.

  • 9 things you didn’t know about the Titanic

#16) X things your (someone close to you) never told you

Get personal by suggesting that a close one is not divulging crucial information to your readers

  • 8 things your partner never told you

Simple and Easy Headlines

Do you have the code to leading an easy life? Share it with your readers under these types of headlines

#17) A Simple Guide to ()

Let your readers learn about how they can accomplish any task easily.

  • A Simple Guide to creating your own website

#18) The Zen of ()

This headline basically tells your readers that this is the easiest thing in your niche they can find on your platform.

  • The Zen of baking

#19) How to be a Zen in a world of ()

You’re adopting a slightly more aggressive tone here, and this is a good way to attract your reader’s attention.

  • How to be a Zen in a world of irresponsible colleagues

#20) The Minimalist Guide to ()

This type of headline is actually quite similar to the simple guide style, only with a few less pointers than the first.

  • The Minimalist Guide to earning more profits

#21) How to get rid of () once and for all

There are a lot of things that people are trying to lose in their lives, and by saying that you have a permanent solution to their problem, you’re getting their attention.

  • How to get rid of dry skin

#22) The X minute guide to ()

Everybody’s in a rush, and these kinds of guides can tell people how they can get important stuff done in a few minutes.

  • The 5-minute guide to getting your makeup done

Headlines that arouse fear and anxiety

It might sound unhealthy, but negative emotions cause the maximum amount of arousal, which is why they have the highest chances of getting clicked. Here are some ways in which you can use these negative emotions to get more readership:

#23) Is your () making you ()?

That’s the best way to make someone anxious about something. The more personal the question, the better the response.

  • Is your diet making you gain weight?

#24) Are you safe from ()?

A threat induces fear, and that fear gets you clicks.

  • Are you safe from a thunderstorm?

#25) How long will you let () go on before you()?

This type of headline usually deals with topics that encourage you to speak up for yourself?

  • How long will you let your boss insult you before you resign?

#26) Your () is () and ()

You have to be careful with someone. The idea is to give someone a taste of reality without being insulting.

  • Your home is a mess and that’s a fact.

#27) () Signs you are () and don’t know it

Adding numbers to emotions gives people a sense of concrete reality- and that’s scary.

  • 12 signs you’re depressed and don’t know it.

#28) The shocking truth about ()

A little bit of secret and a lot of intensity- the perfect combo.

  • The shocking truth behind the Brangelina divorce.

#29) Warning: ()

Great way to rouse the curiosity in your readers.

  • Warning: if you read this, you may never want to drink beer again


The good thing about a listicle is that it lets people know exactly how much information they’re in for. There are some great headlines that you can use for your listicles:

#30) The top X ()

Listing the top 10 things about the topic or article or genre you have chosen.

  • The Top 10 places to go on a romantic weekend

#31) Number+Adjective+Object+Promise= Headline

This is not a formula that you have to stick to, but it’s definitely one that’s going to give you a lot of great ideas for new headlines.

  • 27 beautiful places in Rome for a magical honeymoon with your partner.

#32) X reasons why ()

Obviously, the reasons that you choose to elaborate on should be interesting for people to read them.

  • 10 reasons why your crush isn’t texting back.

#33) X Habits of ()

Habits maketh man. And in today’s economy, they make big businesses too. These types of articles can be a source of inspiration for your readers.

  • 8 Habits of highly successful musicians

#34) X things only () will understand

These articles are specific to a particular type. It’s actually a great way to draw attention from a whole “type” of people.

  • 9 things only backbenchers would understand.

#35) X [adjective] ways in which () draw your attention

Sometimes it’s a great idea to add some funny or out of the box adjectives to the headline, just so that they can grab attention when readers are skimming through the internet.

  • 8 nonsensical ways in which people have gone viral

#36) X mistakes that ()

Another good article idea would be to let people know about the mistakes that they might be making.

  • 19 mistakes you make while loading the washing machine

All the other types

While these headlines cannot be classified, they are a fun option that you can choose from to add appropriately to your articles.

#37) The headline that attracts

This headline type has become a rage all over the internet. It really gets the point across and makes quite the impact. The formula is something like this:

  • Get fit: 19 easy ways to get a summer bod this year

#38) The Lazy People’s Headline

We’re all lazy people- and even if we aren’t, who wouldn’t want the easier way out?

  • The Lazy People’s guide to Decorating a Christmas Tree

#39) The Four-Word Headline

If you don’t feel too fancy, just add encapsulate the main ideas of your blog in four words. That’s it.

  • Get More Traffic today

#40) Best of ()

It’s a competitive world, and people want to know the best way to do certain things. Let your headline tell your audience that you have the solution.

  • Best ways to teach your children their time table

#41) The Proven by Science article

This is a neat trick to let people know that the information they have is authentic- because science said so.

  • The Semantics of Sleep: why scientists agree that 8 hours of sleep isn’t that important.

#42) This is the best () ever!

Again, people want the best of everything. Appeal to their sensibilities with this headline category.

  • This is the best ever way to fillet a fish!

#43) The Benefits Headline

Do you have a product to advertise, and want to attract attention to its best features right at the start? Add them to the headline itself.

  • Use [product] to get rid of muscle cramps in minutes!

#44) Weird Headlines

These are completely bizarre, hilarious, and a sound marketing technique. Your readers are bound to click on the article if they come across something like:

  • Why Star Trek characters wouldn’t be great at Laundromats

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