Introduce your child or student a Weighted Lap Pad if You are observing strange behavioral changes in your kid or if  your little one has become fidgety of late?

What are Weighted Lap Pads?

Weighted lap pads look like a fluffy blanket, but their purpose is not limited to offer warmth. People have experienced that it helps children to focus more. Mostly weighted lap pads come in a rectangular form, but you would also find quirky shaped ones like circles, tubes and even animal shaped.

The shape is only to make it more attractive for kids, but the main matter is how well it snuggles on your child’s lap. You can also think of a lap pad as a pillow found in varying shapes and sizes, which will comfortably fit on your child’s lap.

How Does A Lap Pad Help Children To Focus?

Lap pads are designed using special materials so to offer self-regulation and soothing abilities to children.

If your child suffers from anxiety or owns fidgeting habits, then perhaps the best way to put an end to this is by letting them use the weighted lap pads. Weighted lap pads provide deep pressure touch therapy or DTP, which is a firm tactile sensory input or a proprioceptive input. The input includes hugging, squeezing, cuddling, snuggling and stroking. This input aids in enabling tasks on time, and improves overall seating position.

Even children suffering from various anxieties and learning disorders can also greatly benefit from these pads.

What To Consider When Buying A Weighted Lap Pad?

Whether your child’s doctor has prescribed you to buy a weighted lap pad or you have heard the amazing benefits of it from your friend, here are some factors you should consider before buying it.

  • How much should a weighted lap pad weight?

Generally speaking, a weighted lap pad should be equal to 10% of your child’s body weight. But since this small info is not of much help, here is a detailed description which would help you to choose lap pads better:

Small lap pads-these lap pads which measure about 34 inches by 50 inches are best for children between the age of 1 and 6 years.  But the thing to be kept in mind is if your child is below the age of 1 year before giving him/her a weighted lap blanket ask your pediatrician about it.

Medium lap pads- for this, it is recommended to buy one that resembles 10% of your child’s body weight plus 2 pounds. Measuring 38 inches by 62 inches, this lap beds will comfortably fit children between the age of 6 and 12.

But in case your child has attained a great height, then you might also ask the manufacturer for a larger sized weighted lap pad.

  • How big should the weighted lap pad be?

Before choosing it, you should read the above-mentioned guidelines regarding the weight and then decide upon it. But since the needs and the size of every child would be different, kindly discuss your queries with the manufacturer. Another thing you should remember is, the weighted lap pad should fit your child’s lap and not their bed. Obviously, they can use their lap pad during their bedtime to kill anxiety and fidgeting habits, but the pad should not hang the sizes of the bed or sink to the floor.

  • What are the benefits you can enjoy apart from the above-mentioned ones?

The most prominent benefit of the weighted lap pad is that it can ease insomnia and depression, but that is not it! The application of deep pressure impacts in a calming and relaxing sensation and this is the reason why it had been found best for a child with such disorders. Even kids suffering from Autism or Asperger’s syndrome can get the most of it because their sensory processing issues would be eased up to a great extent.

These weighted lap pads also provide warmth and children recognizes it as a sense of comfort and support. It is designed with a mechanism so that whether your kids are at school or in the home, they will never feel down or stressed during studying. The pads will seem to as a place where they can seek comfort because they will obtain a sensation of care and all the gestures associated with it including hugging, cuddling and even caressing from the weighted lap pad.

Also, they are available in various attractive designs, and thus you can add it into the happiness of your kid by gifting them their weighted lap pad in the shape and form of their favorite soft-toy animal. 

Why should schools/tutors use lap pads in their classrooms? How will this increase their revenue?

Today most schools strongly believe to use weighted lap pads in their classroom because according to the teachers it helps them manage even notorious kids. Kids who find it difficult to stay in the same position for a longer period or keep their concentration intact would be benefitted if they use the weighted lap pads.

Schools and home tutors who use them always stay overhead than their peers because usage of these pads helps the parents feel relieved thinking that the school/tutor has taken the initialization towards the improvement of their children.

Why should parents buy lap pads for home use?

If at home you find it troublesome to get your child to study as the lack of concentration power does not let them so, then you should definitely seek the help of these lap pads. Also if the school and the tutor of your child use weighted lap pads then you should also continue the good work by making your kids getting accustomed to the greatness of the lap pads. Parents of the child with learning disorders should try this, as according to various reports, usage of these pads eases the symptoms up to a considerable extent.


So, in a nutshell, weighted lap pads come handy to parents and schools who are ready to do every possible thing to make the kids fulfill their dreams. But before buying, make sure to pick the best fabric which will owe comfort to your child and can be washed often.

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