FreshBooks credit card fee is very simple – it’s 2.9% + $0.30 on all card transactions, with the exception of American Express, which is 3.5% + $0.30

There are no monthly or setup fees – you only get charged when you make sales.

As we all know old-age payment techniques are indeed cumbersome – they involve too many hassles. Not to mention that it can also be bothersome for your clients to pay you.

So why don’t you shift to something new and contemporary? Smooth out your payment troubles and make it easy for your clients too.

Check out the best cloud-based accounting software – Freshbooks.

Freshbooks has been made available for upbeat businesses just like yours, to show you how simple billing and paying can be with its cool features. Starting from transparency in FreshBooks credit card fee to lightning-fast payments, there are truckloads of advantages just waiting for you!

most popular accounting software in USA

So, what benefits does Freshbooks offer?

With the sole idea of making the entire process of payments a cakewalk for your business and clients, Freshbooks has been designed to offer some great benefits.

Let us check them out below.

#1) Waste no time in billing and focus on your passion

By applying all the cool tools of Freshbooks, you can focus on the things you love doing without tackling all the monotonous tasks of billing and all.

  • Professional invoices just with a few clicks: You have to be in the game and show your clients the level of your professionalism. It is way too easy now to customize the invoices by adding in cool graphics and the logo of your business. Your clients would be in awe of the number of efforts you are putting in to appeal to them!
  • Enable your clients to pay online: Why add it into the inconvenience by making them wait in queues at banks when they are offering to pay online? Check out the details of the FreshBooks credit card fee and make the most of it. With this, you will be paid about 11 days faster.
  • Put your business in the auto-pilot mode: Do you know you can automate several tasks of your business so that you do not have to manually do it every time? Freshbooks let you send reminders to your clients or securely charge your client’s credit card without your intervention.
  • Get the money at the start: Isn’t it horrifying to wait for deposits to get work done? Now you don’t have to wait for the project to end in order to receive the deposits because Freshbooks can specify the deposit amount in the invoice, letting you sleep peacefully.
  • Never leave money on the table: When you are putting in all your time and money to accomplish a project why not specify the hours and the resources you have invested? Freshbooks allows you to add your working hours and expenses on your invoices easily.
  • Set and manage your timelines: Do you find it tedious to stick to working in timelines and end up working more than you are paid for? Well, bid bye to this problem as Freshbooks would now keep a strict watch so that you manage to complete all the goals of a project within the stipulated time frame.
  • When scope changes are calm and composed: We understand how chaotic the situation becomes when the highlights of a particular project change and you have to convey this to the retainers. It’s not only you, it is a serious problem but with Freshbooks, this problem ceases to exist as it allows you to communicate with your client about timelines and scopes.
  • Last but not least: Are you wondering how you are going to absorb in all these amazing features at once? The features are not only cool but also super-easy and thus even individuals who aren’t tech-savvy wouldn’t face any difficulties.

The best part is, wherever you are, you can still send out invoices from your mobile app to your clients. Looks like tax calculation becomes less of a task and more of an enjoyment!

So, do you think that the features of Freshbooks are limited to just billing invoices and making them attractive? Wait till you read further and then come to a conclusion!

popular accounting software in USA

#2) Pay super-fast and accept payments even faster

If your clients are dissatisfied with your flawed payment system, then you are in trouble! One and only Freshbooks, the best cloud computing accounting software can save you from this mess, so start counting on it from today!

  • Time to open the gates for online payment: When the entire world is getting digitalized, what has been stopping you from getting into the craze? Allow your clients to pay you online and reduce their inconvenience faced by standing in long queues of banks just to pay you! With Freshbooks, now your clients can pay online by acquiring their invoices and you will have the option of recording their each and every transaction for future references.
  • Pay neither more nor less: Often time you end up paying more than the stipulated amount because of hidden fees involved? But Freshbooks keep all the payment information transparent to avoid the above-mentioned scenario.
  • Establish online payments just with one swipe: If you thought in order to accept credit and debit cards on your invoices you need to go through a ton of complicated steps, then stop over thinking! Just with a single click, your desired goal would be accomplished, super-duper easy and fast.
  • Payment system just got advanced: Just by investing FreshBooks credit card fee, you would be able to enjoy the perks of an advanced virtual payment terminal. For instance, you would be able to check in the saved credit card info for future billing purposes.

most popular accounting software in USA

Final words

These are just some of the advantages of using top-notch accounting software like Freshbooks. To get the real feel of its amazing versatility, you need to start using it first. Along with incredibly swift and simple payments, when you unlock more cool features, you can only imagine how your business is going to evolve!

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