28 Nov, 2019

Add Products and do the final tests.

2019-12-09T16:37:09+00:0028-Nov-19|Ecommerce, Web Design|

Check if all systems work as planned Great work has been done, and your online store is almost ready to be launched! Now you need to check your settings and test main options before you can promote it. Please have a look at the

28 Nov, 2019

Create and upload store design elements.

2019-11-29T11:07:28+00:0028-Nov-19|Ecommerce, Web Design|

Create and upload store design elements At first glance, the store design is perceived as a single whole. But this general impression is formed by several design elements. Different seemingly insignificant elements play an important role in business efficiency since they form your brand

19 Jun, 2019

How fast does my website load?

2019-11-29T07:18:49+00:0019-Jun-19|SEO Tips, Web Design, Wordpress|

How fast does my website load and how can i increase page speed? Here are some ways to know website loading speed and proven tips to improve it. It is known fact that Faster website speed means better custom acquisition and hence increase in

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