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20 Nov, 2019

Analyse and optimize your campaigns

2019-12-09T17:06:17+00:0020-Nov-19|SEO Tips|

To make your ads even more effective, we analyze and optimize your ads. In this article, we’ll tell you how to improve running ads. For this purpose, we’ll study data on those people who clicked on our ad. Further in the text, we’ll use the

19 Nov, 2019

Register in MailChimp and create subscription lists

2019-12-09T16:46:38+00:0019-Nov-19|SEO Tips|

We all know that ads do help to generate sales… But sometimes it’s not enough and you want more. So, there’s one more promotional method to try – email marketing. With emails, you can inform your audience about new arrivals, sales, news, fresh posts

19 Nov, 2019

Set up SEO for your store

2019-12-09T16:43:23+00:0019-Nov-19|SEO Tips|

Why SEO – search engine optimization – is vital for your? Let’s see! Where do people go if they want to buy something but don’t know where exactly? Right, they go to Google! These people are precious – they are eager to buy a

19 Jun, 2019

How fast does my website load?

2019-11-29T07:18:49+00:0019-Jun-19|SEO Tips, Web Design, Wordpress|

How fast does my website load and how can i increase page speed? Here are some ways to know website loading speed and proven tips to improve it. It is known fact that Faster website speed means better custom acquisition and hence increase in

24 May, 2019

Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

2019-11-29T06:10:30+00:0024-May-19|SEO Tips|

Finding out the traffic on a website has different functions in regards to SEO. You might want to gain an understanding of your competitors or see how much the big names in a particular industry are amassing. This information is also helpful if you

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